Monday, July 1, 2013

Versace Fall 2013 Couture

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week has finally started with the Versace show! Naomi Campbell opened the show (and closed it), and from the beginning, everyone knew that this collection is going to be stunning. Donatella Versace was going for a look to go "back to real glamour". And she succeeded. The looks were all showing skin, some more than others. The colors were all dark, but were brightened by sequins and crystals. For the ones that showed the bust, they were covered by embroidered bustiers, and the gowns that show more than a hint of leg, actually just show how long the models' legs are. Turtlenecks appeared and some were covered in fur. There were crystals on the dresses, some used for hooks, others simply for the design. There was no shortage of the racy but elegant look, and Donatella Versace was going for the black-and-white photography of the thirties, but of course updated for the twenty-first century (what a twist that would be, if the collection really did look like it was from the thirties). This really did bring back the old Hollywood glamour, and it worked out very well.

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