Monday, July 8, 2013

Wish List

I love shopping. And I hope those of you reading this also do. Above are a bunch of items that I'm obsessed with and want to buy now. Sadly, I don't have the money to buy ALL of them (but I do have money to buy some). So, I thought I'd share them with you.
The first one are printed shorts from American Apparel. I love love love the pattern on the shorts. And it's lightweight which makes it even better because it's extremely hot now, and I don't feel like wearing tight clothes. I also love having pockets, and the fact that they're in those shorts just makes it even better than it already is.
Next is a collared, half-sleeved shirt from Topshop. I have an obsession with collared tops, so don't get alarmed if there are many collared shirts on here. I love the color, and then again, it's lightweight.
The leather shorts are from Topshop Boutique (so they are expensive). I love how much leather I am seeing nowadays, since I have always been a fan of it. Seeing these shorts just made me happy.
Now, these Steve Madden boots are absolutely perfect (for me, at least). I love biker boots and these were exactly what I was looking for. I especially love the laces, going all the way to the top.
I don't wear a lot of bright colors, but this shirt from Asos really grabbed my attention. The pattern was something different, it wasn't something that you would see on any shirt, such as stripes. I like the bright splatters of yellow, and basically everything about that shirt.
The shirt next to the one from Asos, if from Topshop. I really love Topshop. Again, I really love the print, because it's different. I also like the colors used, such as the darker shade of orange on the outside of the zig-zag pattern.
The next one is also from Topshop. And again, I love love love the pattern in this shirt. I love how its black, gray, and white, with flowers around. It's something different, and I like that.
Lastly, this jacket is from River Island. I know, I know, it's too hot to be even thinking about jackets, but I can't help but look. I love this jacket because it's a twist on the "traditional" biker jacket. Instead of it being black/leather, it's white/gray and made out of soft material, unlike the usual leather jacket.
Here are the links to them, in case if you fell in love with some of these, just like I did:

Patterned Shorts: American Apparel

Green Collared Shirt: Topshop

Leather Shorts: Topshop Boutique

Biker Boots: Steve Madden

Yellow Square Tee: ASOS

Zig-Zag Tee: Topshop

Leaf Tee: Topshop

Soft Biker Jacket: River Island

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